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Payroll Solutions

Our web based payroll management process is designed to manage payroll of your on roll employees as well off roll employees. Our web based client portal and a CRM based client interaction and engagement process suite puts information in the hands of line managers, employees and corporate staff and has high and measurable standards for responsiveness and first time resolution. Our payroll processing services are configured to cater to your specific requirements.

Our client portal and MIS dashboards can also be configured for selective viewing ensuring confidentiality with access. Payroll Services by Protatech Intelligence Manpower includes:

  • Setting up of various office accounts in customized software
  • Generation and Maintenance of Employee Information
  • Offer / Appointment / Relieving Letters Facilities
  • Attendance / Leave Calculations
  • Salary Calculations
  • TDS Calculations
  • HRA / EPF / ESI Calculations
  • Bank Details Management
  • Payslips Facilities
  • Gratuity Calculations